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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set recording when alarm is detected

Step 1:
CH01-CH04: click to pop up pull-down box to switch to other channel to carry out setting.
Chn: corresponding channel switch of each channel, you can select to enable or disable motion detection.
Sensitivity: corresponding channel sensitivity setting of each channel, there are 4 standards: highest, high, medium, and low.
Area: each channel has corresponding motion detection zone setting, move mouse cursor to the 【Setup】 of corresponding channel, single left click mouse to enter the interface of motion detection zone of this channel; red panels represent motion detection initiated in this zone, transparent panes represent motion detection not initiated.
Step 2:
Channel: you can select【All channels】, you can also select single channel.
Record Schedule Setup: firstly select the record method configuration carried out aiming at certain pane; there are 3 types of
option: alarm record, conventional record and no record; so as to carry out configuration to specific record time pane (each pane
represents 1 hour).
Each pane can be configured as different record method, which represents as different color marked on each panel: red, green, base color that represents alarm record, conventional record and no record respectively within the hour.

Which ports are needed when setting port forwarding on the router?

My DVR uses port 15961,8200 and 80. Please set these up when doing port forwarding setting on your router.

Can I record Continuously (or on Motion) on 1, 2, 3 or ALL channels?

My DVR supports record on 1 or 2 or 3 or all channels. It can also set to scheduel mode, which means only when motion alarm triggerd, there will be recorded video for you to playback and only in this case, will it send mail to you. If no alarm triggerd, it won’t record and won’t send mail to you either.

Can MyDVR set to send email when motion is detected?

If alarm is triggered, MyDVR will send you email along with a snapshot.

Can MyDVR playback recorded video on remote computer or phone?

Both NVclient and Phone support playback recorded video.

Can MyDVR save Picture and Video (Live & Playback modes) on remote Computer or Phone?

MyDVR can save both Snapshot picture and video to NVClient and phone.